1039 - Gratitude.jpg
 Deep sea, inks, print, 61 x 50cm, sold
 Profusion of green and one flower, acrylic/mixed media /photo montage, 75 x 75cm.
 Fire in the rose, acrylic/mixed media/ photo montage, 65 x 82cm, sold
 Cascades of abundance, acrylic/mixed media /photo montage. 65 x 90cm sold
 Snake in an Opium Den. Mixed Media 89 x 70 cm
 Consumed by sand, acrylic/mixed media/ photo montage, sold
 Three Shamanic worlds, acrylic/mixed media/photo montage, sold
 Mythical beasts, acrylic/mixed media on mounting board, 95 x 85cm, sold.
 The Moon laughed at my folly, acrylic/mixed media, print 55 x 82cm.
 Snake eyes the apple, oil & beeswax arches paper, 71 x 90cm.
 “Do not go gentle into that good night” (Dylan Thomas), cold wax & oil on canvas, 95.5 x 67cm. sold
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