Untitled 2, encaustic on board 16 x 19cm
 I once did dream, encaustic on board 13 x13 cm.
 You’re just a clown, on with the show, Pastel on brown paper, 52 x 55cm
0028 - TitleHere.jpg
 Apparitions of the deep, oil & beeswax on board, 41 x 34cm
 Terrains, encaustic on board 15 x 15cm.
 Untitled, encaustic on board 16 x 19cm.
 Untitled 1, acrylic mixed media, 30.48x30.48 cm
 11 hearts and poppies, acrylic/mixed media/photo montage, 89 x 71cm, sold
 Eye of the void, acrylic on canvas, 67.5 x 95.5cm.
 Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 170cm
 Flying ant machine with robot, acrylic mixed media, 30.48x30.48cm
 “Of whose who’ve lost what they cannot recover” Baudelaire, Pastel on brown paper, 52 x 55cm
IMG_0988 (1).jpg
Snake in an opium den
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